Because not all travellers seek the same experience, Zimbabwe deserves a top position amongst travel destinations in Africa. The variety of options to explore is innumerable and the quality standard of its guides is top-notch.

Landscapes are stunning and vary from the rocky highlands in the East to the tranquil Lake Kariba in the West. Activities range from the adrenaline-based ones to more relaxed hiking routes, from an exciting canoeing safari to the luxury of the traditional high tea at the iconic Victoria Falls Hotel.

What is certain is that a feeling of warm hospitality and rich cultural presence will accompany you throughout your journey.

A must-see place to visit is the town of Victoria Falls. This bustling town and tourist hub is located just a 2 hour drive across the border from Kasane (Botswana), which makes it the ideal add-on to your safari. The town is home of the spectacular Victoria Falls, the largest water curtain in the world, and is well-known for being one of the most impressive natural wonders you can visit.

In 1989, the Victoria Falls joined the selective club of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. This unique natural scenario is completed with the Zambezi River and all the gorges and islands found in the core zone of the falls

“One cannot resist the lure of Africa.” – Rudyard Kipling