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December to March

The migrant birds are at their best with many breeding and raising young. The bush is transformed into a beautiful oasis of colour and alive with young of every description. Local rains can be heavy, temporarily rising the waters in the Okavango and making road transport difficult however not high enough to make boating possible in the southern section of the Delta.

April to July

The migrant birds will have left but the rising waters of the Okavango begin to influence levels in the Delta. Rains that had fallen in the catchment area have made it downstream and the water levels begin to rise rapidly, inundating flood plains and creating those sights associated with this unique inland delta. Nights and early mornings can be cold, especially out on the water.

August to November

The rest of the country will be dusty and dry and while the rest of the land is parched, the Okavango will be at it’s highest and still very green and beautiful. Game concentrates locally, coming in from the dry areas, and although not in the same densities as around the pumped waterholes inland, the overall levels of game in the Delta are at their highest at this time.