December to March

During rainy season Nxai Pan comes to life as the wildlife migrate in their masses to enjoy the mineral rich grazing. Predators, which are territorial and do not migrate, are seen following the abundant plains game. Zebra move south, from Savuti to Nxai Pan, in these months. Many young are born at this time of year as the wildlife feels secure in the grazing opportunities.   

April to July

As the rainy season ends the park starts to dry out and grazing diminishes. The zebra migrate back north towards Savuti / the Delta where grazing is more plentiful. General plains game as well as a variety of predators can be spotted at this time of year.

August to November

As the dry season comes to an end it can get very hot in Nxai Pan, but sightings around the last remaining waterholes are particularly impressive as predators prey on vulnerable wildlife.