Namibia is undoubtedly a land of natural beauty. Its dramatic landscapes, the game-rich density and its cultural heritage make it a fabulous destination for all travellers, a special destination that will capture your senses.

The contrast between the different sceneries across the country will make you believe you are on a different planet at each of them. Explore the route from the red dunes of Sossusvlei to the mysterious Skeleton Coast, the hills and mountains found in Damaraland, to the vast landscape of the Etosha salt pans

The list of hidden treasures travellers may find in Namibia is endless. Just to give you a sneak peek – the largest free-roaming cheetah population on the planet, the ancient and semi nomadic tribe of the Himba people, premier hiking trails across beautiful, jaw-dropping areas, more than 700 types of birds and 80 mammal species, the second largest canyon in the world (Fish River Canyon) and the endangered black rhinos in Damaraland,

The easiest and most popular way to discover Namibia is with your own vehicle. The roads are in good condition and hiring a 4WD vehicle is easily arranged with any major car rental company. Depending on your budget, you could choose between camping at beautiful campgrounds or staying at any of the lodges scattered around the country. Namibia caters for all budgets and different styles of travelling. If an adrenaline adventure trip is not your thing, joining a fly-in safari or a scheduled tour are also available alternatives.

Activities to suit all tastes and interests are on offer throughout Namibia – boredom is not a word you will even consider! For those who crave the outdoors, why not try a hiking trail or quad biking route? If you prefer to take things at a more relaxed pace, cruise the skies at sunrise in a hot air balloon or fly above the thrilling landscape of the Skeleton Coast. Are you an ocean lover? Take the whale tour in Walvis Bay or explore Sandwich Harbour. Wish to make it simple? Just climb the highest dune in the world at sunset and enjoy a cool beer

“If you think adventure is dangerous try routine, it’s lethal” – Paulo Coelho