Mozambique displays a coastline of long, white sandy beaches bathed by the crystal waters of the Indian Ocean. This welcoming country is one of the few that are still unspoilt by mass tourism and offers a wide array of jaw-dropping destinations. Don’t miss the opportunity to combine the ultimate safari and beach holiday in to one memorable experience.

An overnight in Johannesburg, en route from Victoria Falls, Botswana or Zambia is required due to flight connecting times, but travellers find this layover quite easy. In fact, it allows a good rest night between your safari and the beach holiday.

What is so special about Mozambique is the ideal blend of relaxation and activities. There are beach destinations that induce complete relaxation with a laid back vibe, sparkled with intimate beach lodges and resorts, all of which are spiced with many activities on offer to make every day unique.

Scuba diving is some of the finest in the world, snorkelling is available for all family members, horse riding may be booked if you are the adventurous type, dhow cruises will be the perfect romantic getaway, a local tour of the town an markets will delight the curious ones… or just simply sit back on your sunbed and let your mind wander.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” Confucius