Offering safe travel experiences for your clients

The year 2020, and a pandemic called COVID-19, saw the world change shape forever. Peace of mind when away from home in a foreign country became a currency more valuable than gold.

Since the end of March, our teams across Africa have been working remotely in each region due to the increased focus of implementing stringent health and safety protocols around our offices to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Many of our consultants are still working from home while others are now back in the office. Those in the office all follow social distancing and hygiene protocols each day, and wherever we are positioned we are readily available to assist you with any queries you may have.

Strict health and safety regulations, hand sanitizers, masks, and strict social distancing continue to apply in all our offices across Africa.

After preparing a comprehensive post COVID-19 hygiene Protocol, we have moved forward to ensure that we train all relevant staff, particularly quality assurance, customer services, drivers and guides to adapt to these guidelines to ensure that all our guests can enjoy their visit to Africa knowing they travel in a safe environment.

Below are links to our strict hygiene protocol documents for the various countries for you to view and download.

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