Did you know that Botswana is home to some of the greatest migrations in all of Africa? As the first clouds start rolling in and rain (Pula) arrives, usually by mid-November, zebras will undertake a long journey for survival. They will travel  in search of water and the rich minerals grazing around Nxai Pan N.P and the Salt Pans.

The Chobe River to Nxai Pan N.P migration is the longest known mammal movement in Africa (a round-trip of over 482 km). Approximately 20,000 zebras take this route every year!! Survival rules the wilderness kingdom and this migration is a living proof.  A second migration takes place, from the Boteti River towards the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans (East). The migration arrives in the southwestern of the Pans around early December coinciding with the arrival of the rains. The  dry pans turn into a lush wonderland full of live!! The zebras will spend the next month’s (until mid of May) grazing and looking after their new born.