If you are absolutely new into the photography field, a safari in Botswana is the perfect occasion to start practicing and discover this fascinating hobby! Our advice is you look round and get familiarized with the surroundings, the light and the landscape. Take a moment to observe and give context and meaning to what you wish to capture…and yes we know sometimes the bush does not allow following this step-by-step process as wildlife is unpredictable, but this is part of the adventure.

Our tips to make the most out of your safari

  • Be sure to familiarise yourself with all the technical settings and equipment before your trip. Pack as light as possible when travelling with gear. Get the best, not the biggest, camera backpack you can afford (luggage weight allowance applies on light aircraft transfers and mobile camping safaris
  • Do not forget to bring extra batteries and memory cards! You will not have many chances to charge your camera or transfer photos to external drives throughout the day and you will use them all 😊
  • Early mornings will give you great opportunities to get magical shots. We guarantee you the light at that time of the day is worth the early wake-up call!
  • Choose a camera setup that lets you get close to the action without interfering with your movements. Consider buying interchangeable lenses, including a zoom lens and another lens for wide landscape shots

Botswana offers a variety of specialist photographic safaris where guests will be accompanied by experts to teach them all the tips and tricks. Get your gear ready and

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