As we all know, Mozambique experienced a cyclone that had a significant impact on operations at Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort a few month back. The impact on the resort was superficial, mostly cosmetic wind damage thankfully with no injuries to Anantara Medjumbe team who braved out the cyclone on the Island.

Sadly, there have been negative travel advisories in place covering Mozambique’s northern region close to the Tanzania border far to the North of the Island. Security and travel to the island remains seamless with Pemba International Airport operating on a normal basis.

After all these months of working around the clock, this stunning property is due to re-open again on 1 August 2019 and welcome guests.
Experience Mozambique’s hospitality, delicious food and bare-foot luxury surrounded by amazing scenery of turquoise waters and golden sand.

Bem vindo a Moçambique!