On many occasion I get asked “Would you take young children on a safari to Botswana?” and In one simple word and with no hesitation, I would always say “Yes!”

Having lived my own childhood between Maun (a one horse town at the time) and the bush, I had a childhood only many would dream of. Most school holidays were spent on safari – either in camps, out on a mobile safari or a weekend away with Dad camping… being on “safari” was the norm. Today, my own kids are certainly as much a “bush baby” as I was.  Although we don’t spend enough time in the bush as I would like because of so much more to do in town these days, we still pack up the tents and fuel the vehicle or hop on a charter flight going into one of the camps and head off every opportunity we do get. Every trip to the bush for our kids is an adventure full of experiences that differ every time.. creating lasting memories!


Now I am not saying “Camping” with small children is an easy task.. but the excitement of putting up tents, building a campfire and chasing monkeys from your cooler box is always a fun experience! Most Campsites within the parks are not fenced as many will know so wildlife does and will roam through the campsite day and night.. it does get the heart racing at times so for the slightly less bush experienced mum, I would always recommend considering a mobile safari or possibly better still – a lodge to lodge safari with the little ones!

Most of the lodges within Botswana are now considered “child friendly,” with Botswana offering some of the best guides in the safari industry and the Batswana culture being very family orientated – being on safari with your professional guide will give yourselves and your little ones experiences and memories never to be forgotten! Folklore tales, Wildlife sightings big and small, bush skills, games and so much more.. escaping the world of modern technology and kids being kids all barefoot and dirty – makes for one of the best family holiday options out there!

Contact us to find out more about the many family friendly options available within Botswana and using our first hand experience as “bush parents” to tailor make your Child friendly safari plans.