botswana-weatherDependant on your travel period, weather conditions may vary…

November to March – Our summer months and rainy season here in Botswana. Days and nights are generally hot with temperatures reaching +-30c most days. As it is also the rainy season, showers are to be expected.

April & May – Generally the end of the rainy season, however one can still experience the odd rain shower. Temperatures cooler than summer months but days are hot and evenings/early mornings start to get cool

June to early September – Our winter months here in Botswana. Please note that the early mornings and evenings can get very cold here, with temperatures dropping below 10c, often colder in more desert like regions. The days are warm reaching +-25c.

Mid September & October – September is the end of the winter, evenings and early mornings can be cool but the days are rapidly warming. October and November day and night temperatures can reach 30 – 40c prior to the rainy season.