Moremi Game Reserve

Moremi Game Reserve

Renowned as being one of the most beautiful game reserves within Africa, the Moremi Game Reserve offers an abundance of both wildlife and birdlife combined. Unique delta scenery combined with Mopane forests and open flood plains, Moremi is certainly a favourite amongst guides and tourists alike.

Moremi Game Reserve indepth

Moremi Game Reserve covers approximately 4871km2 and must be rated as one of the most beautiful reserves in Africa. It is named after Chief Moremi who was instrumental in getting his people to set aside the land in 1963. The reserve has been extended twice since its inception, once to incorporate Chiefs Island in 1976 and again in 1992 to fall in line with the new land use plan for Ngamiland – thereby increasing the protected area of the Okavango Delta to nearly 30%.

The Reserve can be Separated into 4 Areas:

South Gate is approximately 100km from Maun and forms the southern entry point into the reserve. The area tends to remain dry, it does have a public campsite however there are no camps or lodges at south gate, and the road network is very limited.

Xaxanaka and 3rd Bridge areas are probably the most famous. The areas border on the Okavango Delta and scenery is stunning, towering mopane forests dominate the flood plains. Game viewing here can only be described as superb, with a very good chance of seeing all the cats and wild dog. Boat trips can be organised to explore the delta. The area is well represented with top quality lodges and camps.

Northgate or Khwai is situated on the northern border of the park, en route to and from Savute. The Northgate area can literally pump with game at certain times of the year and is well worth a visit. An interesting fact is that the descendents of the people originally relocated from the park in 1963 now live at Khwai village just outside the park. There are quite a few good quality lodges in the area.

Chiefs Island is pretty much closed to the public but there are some top quality lodges that can only be accessed from the air. Depending on which of these are visited, Chiefs Island is one of the very few areas in Botswana where one is almost guaranteed of finding the big 5. As the island is inaccessible by road it tends to be very private, providing an unrivalled game viewing experience.